04 October 2012

Conference reading list

So now I'm cheating by posting links to material and articles from the International Conference on a New International Financial and Economic Architecture.

The submission from the World Association for Christian Communication (which I am representing) - "Towards a new international information and communication architecture" - can be found here  www.wcrc.ch/sites/default/files/WACC_information_architecture.pdf  together with accompanying presentatiion slides. (Photo with WACC general secretary Karin Achtelstetter by Marcelo Schneider.)

Other documents and presentations submitted to the conference can be found on the website of the World Communion of Reformed Churches: www.wcrc.ch/node/868/

And here is a selction of articles about the conference (list will be updated as more articles are published):

The World Association for Christian Communication:
Communication rights are vital to transforming the global economic structure 
“Any discussion about an alternative financial architecture must take into account the design, role and ownership as well as the powers that control information and communication structures.”

World Communion of Reformed Churches:
There are alternatives, says leading development economist at ecumenical meeting
The assumption that the current financial and economic crisis is unnecessary and that Europe must now learn from some of the emerging and developing countries were among the key points shared by British economist, Richard Jolly, at a global conference on the principles for a new economic system taking place in Brazil this week.

Time to 'walk the talk' on ethical investment 
New legally binding regulations of financial markets and investments are needed alongside the promotion of ethical finance initiatives, Globethics.net Executive Director Christoph St├╝ckelberger has told an international conference in Brazil on developing new global economic structures.

World Council of Churches:
Leading development economists offer alternatives
The current global economic and financial scenario has been described as the “mess we are in” by Sir Richard Jolly at a global conference on a new economic and financial architecture taking place in Brazil this week. He pointed out the lack of good governance in many countries.

Conference in Brazil links people’s struggle with financial architecture 
“It is not possible to talk about a new financial architecture without linking it to the pain and struggles of the people,” said Rev. Dr Collin I. Cowan at an ecumenical conference on a new financial and economic architecture, currently underway in Brazil.

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